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Back in college, my Creative Writing professor told our class that there would be writing we did for others and writing we did for ourselves.


I used to write for myself. A lot. I was a prolific blogger in ahnnabanana.livejournal.com, then moved on to annaoposa.ph. I started attending events and going on trips because of my little space on the web. But the more readers I gained and invitations I received, the less fun blogging became.

So I stopped and focused on writing for others. I wrote for websites, magazines, and online platforms. I wrote about travel and lifestyle, interviewed different personalities, reviewed products and services.

Then that stopped being fun, too. Though I loved the process, it consumed too much time for such little pay, and writer's fees often arrived in delayed checks that sometimes even misspelled my name (e.g., Ana Oposa, Anna Opposa). Pursuing my Master's in 2014-2015 became my exit strategy out of freelance writing. I committed to say yes only to offers that would contribute to my long-term goals.

My energy for writing was (well, still is) poured into work. I write all the online content, reports, press releases, letters, and statements of Save Philippine Seas.


And while I love being the Chief Mermaid, there is not a lot of room for creativity when I'm given templates and guide questions. I've always been a writer. A storyteller. A communicator. I've kept a journal since I was 8 -- the first was a Lisa Frank one with a lock, given by my mom, and now it's an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil in an attempt to go paperless.

I miss writing for myself and not giving a shit. This space is for me. My thoughts, my stories, and reflections. This reincarnation of Annalysis is what I hope will be a no-pressure blog.


(LOL WHO AM I KIDDING, I'm not a no-pressure person.)

Welcome to the space that helps me make sense of my world.

Header image by Hans Artillero.