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Mabuhay! I'm Anna. I'm a part-time marine conservationist and full-time mermaid.

You might not know much about me, so here are some fast facts:

Kinaya niyo yung may pa-look away?

Photo from Female Network

  • Early career preferences include being an interior designer, figure skater, vocal pathologist, forensic scientist, English professor, and Broadway star.

  • Because I work in environmental conservation, there are several assumptions people often make about me. Let's set the record straight: I'm not vegetarian/vegan (but I am trying to eat more vegetables), I'm not a minimalist (my lipsticks alone...), and I don't live a plastic-free life (but I try to avoid unnecessary single-use disposable packaging).

  • I have perennial allergic rhinitis. I'm allergic to almost all seafood. I'm fatally allergic to ibuprofen and flour mites.

  • My home is never without popcorn, red wine, and peanut butter.

  • I think in puns and wordplay.

  • Topics I can speak about with as much passion as work: skincare, Evernote, font choices, the proper use of punctuation marks, semantics, Xiaomi products, and lipsticks.

  • Quotes I live by:

    • "Don't preach to the choir - build the choir.

    • "Everyone has an invisible sign that says 'notice me.'"

    • "The harder you work, the luckier you become."

Header image and Annalysis doodle by Gab Paloma

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