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On partnerships

At the beginning of 2016, I was drowning in unhappiness. We were eating dinner in Sushi Ninja -- one of our favorites -- and I was telling you about how much I hated work. I hated fundraising, writing reports, answering emails. All of it.

"Maybe I should listen to my mom and get a corporate job," I told you out of frustration.

"You'd hate it," you said with a laugh. "You don't even like waking up early! And remember, you can't choose who your boss is."

"But this is just so... Unstable."

"You just returned from your Master's. You need to learn to be patient. It will be okay. Besides," you paused and smiled. "You always tell people to stop global whining. So stop it. Suck it up and get back to work."

You got back to eating your sushi and I committed to get back to work. One day after another, chipping away at the unhappiness.

Thank you for not letting me quit. But most importantly, for not quitting on me, even when I (temporarily) quit on you. Happy birthday, love.

(Oh ha. May puso din ako minsan.)

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