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Reeflections: Aquaman

I watched Aquaman primarily because its narrative involved the sea. (But of course!) Here are my thoughts, with a spoiler in #8 so skip that if you're sensitive about spoilers:

1. May pagka-Encantadia feels yung CGI.

2. I wish my hair looked that good underwater, but alas. Mukha lang akong sinabunutan eh.

3. Mera's highlighter is on point, on land and in the sea. I tried googling whether the red hair was a hat tip to Ariel or the other way around, but instead found a blog about how her hair is a lie because red doesn't exist below 5m. LOL.

True doe - I once accidentally scraped my skin underwater and my blood was green. I got confused for a few seconds and wondered if I was turning into Princess Fiona.

4. Why does Black Manta look like a wasp? I've already been told twice that he also looks like a wasp in the comics -- that doesn't change my question. My theory is that the manta had some genetic defect caused by untreated waste. Chz.

5. The choice for background music was confused. Guardians of the Galaxy did '80s music SO well; this was just... jarring. There were times when the score was reminiscent of a cartoon, other times, it felt very Evanescence. Ano ba talaga? There was no clear narrative or theme.

6. There were too many cheesy, maudlin moments. I rolled my eyes or said "ugh" out loud several times.

7. The foundation of Orm and Vulko looked cakey. I was distracted.

8. I appreciated the attempt to insert a conservation message. The speech of Orm about the anthropogenic destruction to the seven seas had valid points, and the warning signs of the ocean throwing up garbage and warships were very realistic. Manila Bay has vomited its garbage back to Roxas Boulevard several times, after all. But in the end, the points were unresolved. By Aquaman serving as the King of Atlantis and being the bridge between land and sea, does that make it okay? Ewan!

9. Overall, I'd give it a 2/5.

10. But for a DC film, it's one of the better ones, so pwedeng ipush to 3/5.

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