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2019 Podcast Picks

A friend asked me for podcast recommendations and I replied with a five-part message, with podcast titles and short reviews, organized by theme. I didn't realize I was so passionate about podcasts.

I've written about some of my favorites here so this is my updated list of podcast picks for 2019:

Ologies - Every episode focuses on an -ology (e.g., marine biology, conservation technology, classic archeology, mixology, food anthropology). Host Alie Ward interviews an expert on the topic and asks a broad range of questions. Episodes are long (1hr+) and her humor can be snarky. I don’t listen to every episode - I just listen if I'm interested in the topic. I learn a lot when I do.

The TED Interview - This is a one-hour interview with TED talk speakers to dig deeper into their “idea worth spreading.” I enjoyed Monica Lewinsky’s and Elizabeth Gilbert’s eps (I teared up at Elizabeth Gilbert’s episode).

You’re Wrong About… - Hosts Sarah and Mike focus on an event/person/phenomenon in history and explore how media portrayed it/him/her versus what really happened. Loved the eps on Columbine shooting, Bill Clinton’s impeachment trial, and the Exxon Valdez oil spill.

Conspiracy Theories - Similar to You’re Wrong About... but it outlines several conspiracy theories then cross-checks them with evidence. Hosts are not as animated as You’re Wrong About... and can sometimes sound monotonous, but I appreciate the research and explanations. My jaw dropped at the Princess Diana ep. I loved the Shakespeare episodes too (Part 1 and 2) because I felt like I was back in college for English 23 (An Introduction to Shakespeare).

Super Soul Sunday - Oprah interviews celebrities, researchers, authors, artists about life, spirituality, pain, etc. I often quote answers from this podcast when my friends and I reflect on life. Chz.

The Good Life Project - Similar to above. The standard question the host asks is, “What for you is a good life?” One of my favorite episodes is when the host interviewed Robin Arzon of Peleton. She said, “Be ready for the greatness you’re asking for.” This has become my mantra for every pitch, every proposal, every project.

Death, Sex, and Money - This podcast deals with difficult topics, and it takes a good host to make sure the guest feels safe/listened to. Anna Sale isn't just a host but part counselor/therapist. I admire the way she asks questions and reacts to answers. See the "Starter Kit" here.

The Cut - The Cut has episodes called "How [insert name of woman here] gets it done," which has productivity tips from women in different jobs. I've picked up some practices and philosophies from those eps.

Special mention: Pop Culture Happy Hour, Armchair Expert, Conan O'Brien Needs A Friend (but I fastforward it to the interview agad 'cause I don't care about the first few minutes of rambling and inside jokes), Being, Getting Curious with Jonathan van Ness, and Modern Love.


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