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Reeflections: Elections

Disappointed, frustrated, a little angry, but not really surprised. Through the years, I’ve stopped pinning my hopes or love for country on the elections. My job requires me to work with the government in the local and national levels, so I’ve learned to play with the cards we are dealt with. Sometimes, I get to work with brilliant minds and compassionate hearts. Other times, I don’t. The incompetence sucks, but to my mind, inaction sucks more.

PSA: Nation-building didn’t end yesterday. The elections may be over, but injustice, environmental destruction, and inequality persist. We have work to do. Throw your trash properly, follow traffic rules, write a letter to a leader, start or join a movement. I have work to do: a shark conservation bill in the Senate, an amended ordinance to establish a marine protected area network, a policy to allow refilling stations for personal care products, a hackathon to run, and more puns to think of.

Action over excuses, always. “The Philippines is not its government. It is a billion other things,” wrote Gang Badoy.

Chin up, fist up. We got this, Philippines.

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