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Day 21

Coronavirus. COVID-19. Wuhan, China. 

Bats, pangolins, wildlife consumption.

WHO. CDC. Infectious disease specialist. Epidemiology.

Contagious. Transmission. Pandemic. R0.

Symptoms. Asymptomatic. Airborne. NOT airborne.

Pneumonia, shortness of breath, chills. fever. High-risk. Immunocompromised.

Cases, recoveries, deaths. Statistics. More than a statistic -- a life. A human being.

#MassTestingNow (Swab test)

#NoToVIPTesting (#Kokovid) (#KokovIDIOT)

Fake news, rumors, fact-check.

Transparency. Accountability. Entitlement.

Frontliners: healthcare workers, bank tellers, cashiers, grocery baggers, farmers, food producers, pharmacists, bakers, canneries, Grab/Angkas/LalaMove drivers, local governments, the national government, IATF.

(Is "frontliner" one word or two words? Front *space* liner?!)

Anxiety, frustration, guilt, hope, grief, loss. 

Loss of wages, livelihoods, lives, industries, hope.

Toxic positivity.

Essential (food, water, banks, pharmacies, healthcare facilities, family, friends)

and non-essential.


Save the economy or save lives?

False dichotomy.

The individual and collective. 

The micro and macro.

Face masks (N95, surgical, FFP1, activate carbon, cloth), gloves, alcohol, hand sanitizers, soap, PPE.

Sanitize. Disinfect. Wash your hands for 20 seconds (singing "Happy birthday" is optional).

Stay at home.

Stay at home, motherfuckers. Just stay at home.

Social distancing. Physical distancing. Distant socializing. Self-isolation.

Social dis-dancing. E-numan.


WFH: Work from Home / Workout from Home.

Zoom, House Party, Netflix, Hulu.

Books. Always books.

Journaling. Meditation. Breathe.

Uncertainty. Questions. So many questions.

Partial answers, vague answers, no answers.

More questions.

Existential crisis. Overthinking. Introspection.

Lockdown. Quarantine. Community quarantine.

Enhanced Community Quarantine.

Modified Community Quarantine?

Donate. Give. Contribute. 

Thoughts and prayers.

Delivery and pick-up only.

Cashless transaction.




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