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February Roundup



  • The Circular Economy and Zero Waste Retreat in Danjugan Island. Every trip to Danjugan is magical, and this four-day event did not disappoint. It was a sacred and safe space to talk about issues, concerns, challenges, and plans. Developed deeper relationships with friends and colleague, old and new. Typhoon Beach doesn't have signal, and anyone who's spent time there knows that the best way to connect is to disconnect.

"Paper" soap from Lush. Mahal siya (P120/sheet, up to 3 washes) but it shows clues on what could be the future of package-free personal care products.

  • Hosting my childhood best friend’s welcome dinner and wedding reception. My bridesmaid’s dress broke a few hours before the wedding and it involved five people to fix it and eventually sew it shut. During the wedding ceremony, I needed to pee and when I went to the bathroom I soon realized it was sewed to my panty :))))))))) NAKAKALOKA TALAGA. Gold, my roommate and wedding +1 forever, had to snip it open before we slept at around 3AM.





  • The Haquathon Summit and being reunited with the SPS team

  • A meeting in India to strategize for shark-related work. I’ve been focusing a lot of waste management and environmental education, but shark conservation will always be my first love.

  • The Commservation Workshop on environmental law and writing letters to leaders. Inspiring energy and so much LOLs.

Our resource person for environmental law, Alex Gamboa my bes

Books: Creativity Inc.


  • My 32nd birthday, celebrated in Balesin because we had to stay another night due to scheduling issues. Not a bad place to get stranded in and celebrate.

  • My Lola's 85th birthday.


Books: Normal People. I really wanted to like it because there was so much hype around it but it was too bleak for me.


  • The journey to India was painful as it took 24 hours. Manila-Singapore-Mumbai-Goa then Goa-Delhi-Bangkok-Manila. Nagka jetlag ako pagbalik.

  • Going to the E.R. because of a freak accident, which resulted in two tetanus shots, three shots of anesthesia, and three stitches. It was my second time in the ER in two months. I hope it'll be the last one for... ever.

Me at 3AM, right before going home


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