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January Roundup



  • She Said by Jodi Kanter and Megan Twohey

  • Tools for Grassroots Activists edited by Nora Gallagher and Lisa Myers

  • Dear Girls by Ali Wong


  • Recently discovered Outrage + Optimism, which presents different ways of tackling and talking about climate change, interviewing personalities like David Attenborough, Ellie Goulding, Greta Thunberg.

  • Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations with Tina Fey and Amy Schumer. 

TV shows:

  • Cheer (Netflix): As a former cheerdancer (charot lang), I know exactly what it feels like to spend months preparing for a short performance and feeling like it defined my life (ang arte lang). I could relate with how how much Monica loved her team in a tough love way (ask the merkids). Gusto kong maging friend si Jerry. Huhu.

  • The Morning Show (Apple+): Jennifer Aniston was stellar in TMS. It was fascinating to see her, Reese Witherspoon, and Steve Carell take on dramatic roles, proving that they are competent actors outside their comedic personalities.


  • Freedom (paid app, works better on Android than iOS) . Now I can only check social media from 8-9AM, 12-1PM, and 6-8PM. Outside those blocked times, my apps close automatically and I can’t override this setting. It’s made me so much more productive for work and carved mental space for reading and TV shows (but I'm not sure if that’s a good thing hehe).


  • My experience as a Guest Educator on the Peace Boat was an adventure, which began with getting offloaded from my flight to Bali; giving two talks and two workshops that was translated into three languages (Japanese, Chinese, and Korean); and the uncertainty of the itinerary caused by safety issues of the boat and the Taal activity.


  • Brunch with Karen, Lynn, and Bianca

Quotable quotes/conversations: 

  • “Good enough for now, safe enough to try.”



  • I tried reading Education of An Idealist by Samantha Power and Wordslut by Amanda Montell but I just wasn’t feeling both books at the moment. I'll try reading them again some other time.


  • My eardrum ruptured in mid-December and it's still healing. When I'm in loud places, everything sounds like it's a blaring speaker with a broken bass. Just very thankful that there's no more pain and I was cleared to fly by my super kapooper ENT.

  • I accidentally spilled water on my phone while it was charging, frying the charging port completely. I was able to have it fixed in Greenhills for P1,500 but it doesn't look like it will hold up for very long.

  • Getting harassed by a drunk man when I arrived in Adelaide. I was terrified and also SO LUCKY that there was a big and tall man in the elevator with me who told the drunk man to fuck off.


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