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Day 7

Will this really last for a month? Or more?

Is Week 1 the hardest? Will this get easier? Or will Week 4 be the hardest?

When will I travel again? When will I get to go on fieldwork again? Should I start planning for different scenarios? But... for what? How do I fill my now-empty calendar?

Will Vico run for President someday? Sana hindi siya kakainin ng sistema.

Bakit maraming taga-gobyerno na kupal parin?

How will small businesses and social enterprises survive? What about the tourism industry? Will we miss the whole summer - their peak season? How will daily wage earners survive? How will frontliners get from one place to another? Will people still buy “non-essential things” after this (e.g., makeup, personal care items, clothes, bags, shoes — businesses that my friends are running)? Will companies still spend a lot on PR, marketing, and events? How will this shift the positioning of these things?

Ano na kaya ang ginagawa ng mga influencers — lalo na ng travel vloggers? Wala na silang ma-promote, noh? 

How will all the medical waste be handled? Incineration is illegal, but will they make an exception for this?

How will this change the way conferences, events, and campaigns are planned and implemented? Will we still be able to hug people? How will this change the narrative of the stories we tell?

What books should I read first? Which TV shows or movies did I want to catch up on again? Which items on my long-term to-do list can I tackle?

Nature is healing daw. Is it, really? I mean, really.

Will this make illegal wildlife trade and wildlife consumption drop? Or stop?

How long can I live in isolation? When would be the appropriate timeframe to move back to my parents’ house? How much weight can I lose without alcohol and eating out the next month?

How do I wash my sports bras properly? Sana hindi ma-deform.

How much of work is acceptable to do right now? What can we expect from our colleagues?

What can I do to help? Which organizations are worth supporting? Yung totoo.

Will we (and other NGOs) still be able to raise funds after this? How much of our earmarked funding will be diverted or lost?

What if we have a non-COVID medical emergency? 

Are dental clinics still open? 

What about hardwares? What if I have a plumbing problem or a grease trap problem - how will I solve it?! 

Which restaurants deliver? How long will it take me to line up to enter the supermarket.

(Can you believe we need to line up for hours just to get in a supermarket?)

What does the “end” look like? What will happen to the economy? How will this affect the Philippines and the world in the long-term?

What will be the ”new normal”?


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